The Young Women's Mentoring Group
at Germantown High School
During the 2006 Peoples' Festival in Philadelphia's Vernon Park, Ahlia Love, Peoples'
Festival President pledged that the Festival Committee would adopt Germantown High
School. Several months later she accepted an invitation to begin a Young Women's
Mentoring group to be held weekly during the school day. The program was warmly
received by the students who overwhelmingly requested a summer program which
began two weeks after the start of summer vacation.

The summer program took place twice weekly for two hours a day up until two weeks
before the start of the new school year. The young ladies took part in the planning,
promotion and execution of 2007 Peoples' Festival.

A few of our student took a pledge to protect and beautify historic Vernon Park. As a
result they became Junior members of Friends of Vernon Park. This commitment led to
an opportunity to plant 1500 Daffodils along the fence line of the park. These beautiful
flowers are now visible in Vernon Park.

The following school year the young ladies created a scholarship fund to help
graduating seniors with upcoming college expenses. We'll keep you posted on new
things that are happening.
The Future Steps
Scholarship Fund was
established as a support
fund to aid graduating senior
High School students
residing in the Germantown
area; with the purchase of
books and personal needs
during their first year of
college or trade school. This
fund does not cover full or
partial tuition and is
designed only to assist with

The funds are distributed
based on applications
submitted by graduatiing
seniors and the recipients
are selected by a panel of
10TH & 11TH grade students
who designed the criteria for
the Future Steps Scholarship
fund under the guidance of
the Future Steps Community
Enrichment Program, Inc.,
Board of Directors.

Applicants must furnish proof
of acceptance to the school
that they plan to attend.

Donations can be made
directly to:

The Future Steps
Scholarship Fund
c/o Citizens Bank
7700 Crittenden St.
Philadelphia, PA 19118

or feel free to use our secure
Paypal feature.
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